Our History


Horses trained under Bob have earned $598,984.00

BobKerbyAfter 30 years of managing range cattle ranches, Bob opened Kerby Training stables in 1999.  As a trainer, he specializes in 2 year olds.  Providing them with key foundations and experiences.  Bob also finishes horses and is himself a performance rider.

Bob was raised on his grandfather’s ranch in Toppenish, Washington.

Bob on "Shorty"

Bob on “Shorty”

He started training two year olds as a teenager and became fascinated by the sport of cutting.  As a youth, Bob continued to fuel his desire to work with horses with any and all opportunities including galloping thoroughbreds for a local breeder and trainer.

Bob with "Barber" in 1969 a two year old thoroughbred

Bob with “Barber” in 1969 a two year old thoroughbred





Rodeo was also part of Bob’s world during his college years.


Bob on “Red Roses” Heppner NIRA 1971